Long Term Car Rental

Le Low Cost Car Hire, is on of the best agency proposing the cheapest long term car rental in Mauritius. We also provides a long term car hire or monthly car hire for more than 30 days and have a wide range of car hire options available.

The best way to travel around Mauritius is definitely by car. Whether you’re an expat on the island looking for long-term car rental service in Mauritius or you plan to visit the island for an extended, long period of time. With Le Low Cost Car Hire, enjoy a hassle-free car rental procedure, where our staff take care of everything

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The benefits of long-term car rentals

In most cases, it is ideal to hire and rent a car in Mauritius, as opposed to buying one. Renting a car in Mauritius will save you money especially if you don’t plan to permanently reside on the island.

  • Saving – pay less compared to short term rentals
  • Quick and Easy Booking
  • Affordable payment rates – Save on unnecessary fees and interest charges
  • Private vehicle for your own personal use
  • Instant access – no waiting times and vehicle readily available at your disposal
  • Flexible rental periods – can extend the rental duration and use as per your requirements
  • 24 hour support services